Music Theory and Ear Training

Do you want to know how music works? Or are you applying to a music college or a conservatory and do you need to work on music theory? I can simplify music theory for you, step by step. Music theory is not rocket science, but there is a lot to discover and learn. There are acoustic principles that work the same way for every style of music. Whether you’re making classical music or jazz or hip hop or death metal. The more you know about music theory, the better you can use these principles in your own music, or appreciate them while listening.

By doing ear training you learn to recognize what you hear. You can also learn to write that down right away. With training, you can hear which notes are in a melody or what chords are played on the radio. Or you can understand faster how a certain rhythm works. With practice you can learn this faster than you think! Music theory and ear training go hand in hand.

In these lessons you will learn all about:
  • Intervals
  • All about chords (2-note, 3-note, 4 note and more complex sounds)
  • Harmonic analysis
  • All about keys and the circle of fifths
  • Melodic analysis (motifs and sentence structure)
  • Form analysis
  • Melodic dictation
  • Rhythmic dictation
  • Harmonic dictation
  • Transcription
What does it cost?

A lesson in music theory and ear training costs EUR 50 per hour, or EUR 30 per half hour. You can pay via the webshop with iDeal, Paypal or Credit card. Payment for an online lesson is always in advance.

The first lesson is an introduction and is free of charge.

Where is it?

Online via Skype or on location in Almere (Oosterwold), the Netherlands