Pretty Beautiful was written for the 25th anniversary of the Calefax Reed Quintet. For this occassion the quintet enlarged itself into a full blown 12 woodwind setup. Since we had been discussing about working together for quite a while, I had been thinking of the title Pretty Beautiful for some time already. Partly, it suited my opinion that Calefax plays beautifully as a quintet; partly it just seemed an exciting title to me to which I would love to write a piece. It is in some way appealing to observe the world in Technicolor, a way of recording film which results in very characteristic colours on the screen. Films in Technicolor seem timelessly beautiful and polished with soft saturated colours. This super beauteousness manifests itself in Pretty Beautiful in sensual harmonic ideas and shrouded melodies, which could have stemmed right from Duke Ellington. Having listened the entire Summer to Squarepusher, I added a solid drive to it as well.

  • Instrumentation: 12 Woodwinds
  • Composed for: Calefax XL
  • Commissioned by: Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Published by: Donemus