Aiming for Ecstasy draws from a wide array of influences. Whether it is a chord progression from an unreleased Prince-song called ‘Wonderful Ass’, an early Renaissance fauxbourdon harmonisation technique, or a palindromic number series (543212345), this piece presents a distinct sound world that emphasises a recurrent theme in the composer’s work: bringing together seemingly unrelated musical scenarios. Repetition also plays a central role in Aiming for Ecstasy: getting stuck in repeating patterns and trying to break free through development, but always being controlled by the invisible pull of the palindrome. Allowed to wander off every once in a while into a alien fauxbourdon landscape, the guitarist finally submits to the iron rule of the number with full abandon, aiming to find a sense of bliss in a highly regulated environment.

  • Instrumentation: Electric Guitar
  • Composed for: Wiek Hijmans
  • Commissioned by: Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst
  • Published by: Donemus